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Sep 26, 2016 | mnichol | 1309 views
SWMH Association Days (Pictures, Clothing, Cash Calendars)
October 5th and 6th. Check the website calendar for your teams picture time slot. To help things move smoothly, please be ready for pictures to be taken at the start of your scheduled time.

All players will receive a FREE club Jacket this year, courtesy of the Glencoe Minor hockey continuation board. You need to be at your scheduled picture slot for sizing. Extra clothing can be ordered, however the clothing supplier will only be at Glencoe arena on the 5th October from 5pm-8pm.

SWMHA Association Days will be October 5 and October 6 this year. Pictures, Clothing, Cash Calendars etc…


Picture Day will be photographing our teams again this year. Picture Day is unique because they only take individual pictures of each player and then use technology to create team and/or family group pictures. The players do not need to be photographed together which means every player looks their best, and we can be very efficient. For that reason, each team has been given a date and time slot for pictures:


Wednesday October 5                 Glencoe

5:30        Novice Shamrock

6:00        Tyke

6:30        Atom Shamrock

7:00        Atom Local

7:30        Bantam Shamrock

8:00        Bantam Local

8:30        Midget Shamrock


Thursday October 6                        Bothwell

5:30        Beginners

6:00        Novice Local

6:30        PeeWee Local

7:00        Midget Local


Here is what the night will look like, so that you can ensure yourselves, and your managers are aware and can relay information to the teams.



·         You will be assigned a dressing room for players to change. Please note: SKATES ARE NOT REQUIRED for pictures. If you choose to wear skates please wear guards.

·         Please gather your team in the dressing room, and remain there until myself, or a member of the board comes to get you. We have a lot of teams to get through and it speeds the process up to be organized.

·         The time slot provided is when players are to be dressed and ready. Please arrive in advance.

·         The coach, manager or other responsible parent who shows up early will be given a team list of players. The jersey number will need to be added to the list, as well as any names that may accidentally get missed. We will pick up the list when we come to get you from the dressing room.

·         Parents can place picture orders any time during the evening and there will be a representative from Picture Day on site to assist.

·         Coaches need to let parents know which jersey the players will be wearing so they can choose a background.



·         The coats for all players are being provided by Glencoe Minor Hockey Continuation Board.

·         All players will receive the same jacket and sizing can be done on Wednesday or Thursday. Even if you are not ordering additional clothing, you must select a size of jacket.

·         Team lists have been provided to HERMS. At any time through the night your child can try on a jacket and they will add the appropriate size to their order.




·         Clothing will only be available on Wednesday October 5th for sizing and orders.

·         Parents are able to purchase directly from Herms but may not receive the same pricing discounts as           larger team orders
.         Click on the links for clothing order form and examples




·         Cash Calendars will be provided to the team, along with a list. Please distribute accordingly.


If you have any questions please let me know!



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