Rowan's Law Implementation (Southwest Bullets)

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Rowan's Law Implementation

As of July 1st, 2019 the Ontario government is implementing “Rowan’s Act”; a concussion awareness law that requires at least one parent to complete the Ontario Hockey Federation Acknowledgement Form, before their child may participate in this season.
This has become a 
legislative requirement under the implementation of Rowan’s Law by the Government of Ontario. 
Prior to registering your child for the 2020 - 2021 season you must complete the online form.   If you have not completed your acknowledgement form yet please click on the below link to complete the form prior to registration.  

This has become a mandatory requirement brought into law by the Ontario Government.  Without a signed Acknowledgement Form on file with SWMHA no registered player will be allowed to play or be rostered with the OMHA on any SWMHA Team.  Coaches and bench staff are also required to complete the Rowan's Law Acknowledgement Form.

What is Rowan’s Law?

Rowan Stringer was a 17-year old Ottawa varsity rugby player who died from sustaining multiple concussions resulting in a catastrophic swelling of the brain – second impact syndrome.  On March 7, 2018, Ontario passed Rowan's Law (Concussion Safety), 2018 and related amendments to the Education Act. However, it is important to understand that this applies to all Sport Organizations, schools, programs and businesses in the province.  This is not a hockey ‘thing’ – it is legislation (Ontario Regulation 161/19) from the Government of Ontario.   Attached to this email are the documents included in the OMHA center mailing links found in the email below. OHF Rowan's Law Association Implementation OHF Rowan’s Law Acknowledgement Form 10 and Under Concussion Awareness Resource 11-14 Concussion Awareness Resource 15 and Over Concussion Awareness Resource More specific information and details are in the attached letter “OHF Rowan’s Law Association Implementation”. 

All Players, Coaches and Bench Staff to SWMHA must have acknowledgement forms completed and returned to your Head Coaches or Manager.

 Parent/Guardian/Player Resources

The following information should be review prior to completing the Acknowledgement Form. All players are required to have a form on file with the League Office to be eligible to participate in any games during the regular season.

Microsoft Word - OHF Rowan's Law Acknowledgement Form.docx (