Board Positions (Southwest Bullets)

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Board Positions:
It is considered Ideal for the Board to consist of the following; 

 a) 2 Co Presidents - one from Glencoe, one from Bothwell - Elected - (2) two-year term 

 b) Vice President – Elected – two-year term 

 c) Vice President/ Four Counties Rep - Elected - two-year term 

 d) Treasurer - Elected - two-year term 

 e) Secretary - Elected - two-year term 

 f) Registrar – Appointed – two- year term

 g) Referee Coordinator– Appointed- one-year term

 h) Ice Manager – Appointed – one-year term

 i)  Sponsor Coordinator – Appointed- one-year term 

 j)  Coach coordinator – Elected - one- year Term.

 k) Social media/ Website-Appointed- one year 
 l) Volunteer Coordinator- Appointed- one year 

 m)   Equipment Manager – Appointed – two-year term

 n) Tournament Coordinator – Appointed – one-year term.

 o) Director of Education and Development (Clinics)– Appointed – one-year term
 p) OMHA Contact person – Elected – one-year term