Timekeeper (Southwest Bullets)


SWMHA Timekeeper 
Timekeeping is a great entry level job (or opportunity for volunteer hours) for students and an easy way to start building your resume.

Looking for applicants 14 years of
age or older to time keep for SWMHA games. 
*Applicants under 14 may be considered if they have a deep understanding of the game and the ability to manage the equipment.

Job Requirements:
-Attend training session.
-arrive at minimum 15 mins prior to game
-positive & friendly personality 

Responsibilities of a time Keeper:
-run time clock,
 manage penalties, goals and assists.
-manage Gamesheet. app on iPad
-have Game Sheet & iPad  signed off by refs after each game. 

U9/11 Games- 15$per hour or Volunteer hour
U18 Games-   20$ per game or Volunteer hour

To apply please contact: Amy - 519-671-2592